Paradise Sri Lanka

As a newbie to the blogging community I have nothing much to lose although I strongly feel I will have much to gain writing absolutely anything I wish to.

No I’m not idling nor have I not got a job to do.

I feel like I wanted to write something but perhaps nothing absolutely is running through my mind right now.

So hence I’ve decided to invest my time wisely on contents which I strongly believe could actually get my visitors a thrilling experience.

Social media is a means of connecting to the rest of the world while travelling I’d say is my passion. Let me give you some interesting facts related to my homeland Sri Lanka.

Me as a Sri Lankan would eat rice all 3 times of the day. It’s almost impossible for even the urban community living in Sri Lanka to eat rice with curry 3 times a day. Yeah they have too many options and mostly fast food joint in every nook and corner of Colombo city has spoiled our appetite.

We get dressed up to work in western attire only to be suffocating by mid afternoon to realize it’s way too hot and the unbearable heat just boils my blood. If I ever become the president I would recommend people to wear whatever they are comfortable with rather than imposing laws to wear suits that boil your blood.

Travelling through Sri Lanka is a magical experience you’ll meet wonderful people far away from the cities and sorry to say Colombo is almost similar to Bangkok we got the best scam artist in town be sure to keep yourself safe from these bandits or you won’t be left without a buck to spare.

Try our cuisine it’s unique and you wouldn’t find these anywhere else in the world, no not even in India. We got the best flavors to add to your pot and cook rich and eat tummy full.

Oh drink King Coconut water you can find them almost anywhere most street vendors will be able to sell you one, try helps you survive the heat.


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