Glover Daniels International Launch


With new beginnings comes new challenges! Sri Lanka is in the transition phase after being battered for 30 years of civil war. The post war environment made a platform for foreign investors to tap into the country’s economic resources and I’m proud to say I’m a part of a Global Research Business.

The Glover Daniels International launched in the local market after conducting a thorough research as to how they can be a part of the solution to the hardships faced by the large blue chip organizations with related to Human Capital Consultancy.

The launch was attended by a large number of clients from all industries and the group was formally launched by the Group CEO at JAIC Hilton Resorts and Residencies in Colombo.


The team was able to host a platform to bring together the elites in each of the industry as to how the Glover Daniels International can bring their international expertise to be delivered locally to promote their business by adding value to human capital consultancy.


The local team of Consultants partnered with Glover Daniels International have decades of international experience in training and consulting large blue chip staff and they are based locally so you can obtain their services for the fraction of the cost of acquiring a consultant based abroad.



Finally a word of thanks to all the invitees who graced the occasion with their presence and also very specially the Glover Daniels International team who were able to put up a good show.

(Views are mine only and not of Glover Daniels International)

Author: Allan Robinson Paul

Divisional Manager –Social Media Research

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