Content Theft and How to protect your content being stolen

As bloggers we write some interesting facts and figures which could spark the interest of our viewers. Any piece of of information that is on the blog is either already existing on the web or we find them to write here after some brainstorming session.

What is content theft

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Content theft is an original piece of information being copied exactly the same way and published as another persons view. It could be in the form of a written article or a graphical representation or even a video.

Why does your content get stolen

Mostly this type of theft happens when an individual or an organization lacks creativity. A lack of imagination and poor education combined can lead to this issue. This is never easy to easy to stop but you can obviously identify them by using some easy ways to find them like Copyscape

Copyscape will allow you to see where your content has been posted you just simply include your url to it and it’ll show you exactly where it is.

There is never an easy way to find out if your content was stolen and then thief rephrases your content with synonyms. Tough luck if they do so.

How to protect pictures and graphical representation contents

Why watermark?

Now comes something that is interesting to talk about although there is no guarantee your words can be protected videos and graphic material can be protected by using watermark on your materials. This will ensure that all your work is credited to you. Almost like a patent.
Now even is your content was stolen it will still show who the original owner is.

 What to do if the content was stolen and republished?

You can always notify the publisher that the material belongs to you and request the publisher to take it down and that you are fully aware of the situation.
If the publisher fails to take it down from his portfolio simply spread the word amongst the followers of the webpage or the blog. Nobody likes to be named and shamed.
Why not give yourself a treat as most people steal contents that are appealing and interesting to improve web traffic.






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