Social Media Research

Social media research organization is the best place to identify about all the activities of the stakeholders of a business.


It could be on any platform

A social media company can help if identify regarding current trends, who are the top influencers for a particular product or service, the geographical reach of the an influencer, their social reach, rankings, brand engagement, competitor strategy etc.

Glover Daniels Social Media Research as a social media research partner


We at Glover Daniels Social Media Research have been working with the worlds largest MNC companies with their research on an exclusivity basis and mostly our clients like to remain anonymous. We protect their identify as much we support them with their social media research activities.

How the Team works

Glover Daniels Social Media Research work in teams of 4 people.

team work

Our concept is 4 sets of brains are better then 1 and 4 pairs of eyes are better than one. This strongly enables us to produce effective research solutions to our clients providing them to edge to create a solid digital and social media strategy.

We work closely with the social media research managers of our client companies providing him with vital research information to make strategic decisions.



Our team will ensure that the Social Media Manager will receive the insights of the industry to formulate a strategic plan and to provide the necessary information to the board level executives.


Value Added services


Our research team has access to tools that monitor various kinds of social media platforms and thereby our research is much efficient to that of any other similar service provider. We already have access to them so you do not have to pay for year long subscriptions for these platforms which will increase the budgeted expenditure of the company.

Our strategic location enables us to work with partners around the world whether it be UK, Australia, The US, Dubai or Singapore.Mega_hub.PNG

We can add value to your business by providing you the best insights as our experienced research team consists of individuals who think different to programmed tools.

Value for Money

value for moeny.jpg

Our research team can offer you the service in 1/4 the time it takes for an individual to create a report and thereby reduce the cost of the company expenditure.

We can generate quicker results for decision making as oppose to a single individual working for weeks long on a single report.

Our clients


Our client base consists of boutique social business consultancy firms to the large multi national companies.

We have a strong relationship with these companies and have been consistent in adding value to their day to day business with creating insight reports.

Our clients largely remain anonymous and we are bound to protect their identity therefore you may never find a single testimonial on our website.


Free and pilot projects to our clients


As a policy Glover Daniels Social Media Research offers pilot projects to the clients who use us for the very first time as long as they are willing to build a partnership.



We do not charge our clients until our work is complete and invoice our clients only once they are satisfied with our final product so NO SURPRISES.



Speak to me to know more about how we can add value to your business


Divisional Manager Social Media Research



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