Here is a bunch of amazing Facebook statistics how vast the digital empire is

Create your own Facebook page for the organization as a part of digital marketing and as a means of engaging more closely with the customers.Create brand image and awareness.

The potential is hidden if you haven’t been using it for these purposes you are not only missing out on a lot and certainly letting your competitors take your business away easily.

Most organizations will have a company Facebook page which is operated by the head office and fresh updates are made ever so often the page remains extremely active as the sun never sets to the entire world at once.


Bridging the gap

Bridge the gap.jpg

Why not do it the same way for certain geographical regions not every product that is available in the US or EU market is popular in Asia and it becomes key factor that companies create several Facebook pages to reach out to their customers.

Differences could be that there could be a language barrier not that everyone can read Arabic and not everyone is interested in putting them through translator.




Currently twitter has 320 million active users. Although being said that it has not grown from the previous quarter twitter expects to ignite its growth in the foreseeable future. Twitter remains popular among celebrities, politicians and media. Source USA Today.

Twitter is an easy way to get the word out there and most top executives still use twitter to generate income. Tailored follows makes it easier to network and connect and follow on people who matter to your business most.

The trends are more closely followed by interested parties and any interesting content that trends can become a hit overnight. Tailored trends give you the opportunity to purely be constantly engaged on what product or service matters to you most.

Twitter creates a platform for uninterrupted engagement with the community.


Chill fact

Facebook has more active users than twitter today as much as 5 times more than twitter and the recent acquisition of Instagram which has almost 400 million active users make it even tougher for the social giant twitter to increase their user base.











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