Making the right hire for your business: Welcome or shut off

4 Solutions that you are not aware of that Glover Daniels International offer

 Glover Daniels International: Executive Search Solutions

Glover Daniels International is a British company formed in 1999 as a boutique recruitment research solutions provider for top industry leaders in the UK. Today it is comprises of a large client portfolio providing solutions with executive search, hires and succession planning to large corporations across the globe from the US, Europe, Middle East and APAC.

We approach all our projects with a passion for excellence to deliver our customers more than what they expected from us.


Experience around the table

Ever heard of the term “4 pairs of eyes are better than 1 and 4 brains are better than 1” if you’ve you just learned something new about how we work.

Our search teams have vast amount of experience working across different continents and different industries.

Our search teams have worked on FMCG, Construction, Architecture, Pharmaceuticals/ Health Sciences, Government Administration/ Prison Governance, Defence, Dairy and Agriculture, IT, Finance, Law, Energy, Media, Real Estate, Retail, Telecommunication, Facilities Management and many many more…

In every search the team has almost managed to identify a suitable candidate for the clients through our research.

We can complete your work in a fraction of the time what most companies might request for and reducing your recruitment expenditure thus exponentially adding value to your business.

We have no single researcher policy it’s always a team work which has consistently guaranteed our clients success to recruitment problems.


Our Clients

They never leave. Yes,  our client base has grown as a result of our commitment to deliver excellence and will continue to grow.

We have large industry players and some big names in the recruitment business that have partnered with us since the inception of our business and are impressed with our solution model as it enables them to have control over the activity performed in house. We even have one of the world’s most valuable brands acquiring our services.

Read our testimonials and they will will be an eye opener as to why you should partner with us.


Our Solutions

Our key areas of research are:

Talent Mapping         Primarily head hunting services. We will find you the people whom you thought even never existed and who has absolutely very limited web presence and a mode of contact.

Sector Mapping         Remember that you are not the only person in business and if you would like to see who else is out there in the market this is for you. No business is secured with permanent employees we will present you all the information related to labour turnover and whatever you require.

Competitor Analysis             More organisations are interested to know what their competitors have been doing and also a forecast of what companies planning to do in the future. This mapping exercise will be able to provide you industry insights and competitor information which are buried deep down in company reports and press releases. These assignments could give an overall view of what new products competitors have released to the market within the past 12 months and how they performed on a global sale scale.

Succession planning you can read all about this on this thread.

Social media influencer mapping is done for clients who require information about individuals who discuss and promote topics and brands that are of interest to them. We will present them to you on a platinum platter as to whom you should be approaching for your next big online gig.


Making the right hire can give you more opportunities to discuss about the strategic growth at the next board meeting.

Contact our team and take a look at our brouchure

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