3 Tactics to get started to earn more Twitter Followers

1/ Share what matters

The internet is over loaded with all sorts of facts and you don’t need to be posting everything that you can get your eyes on. Be sure you know your audience and share the contents that matters to them. Simple avoid sharing information that is not relevant to your profile. If you are a travel blogger don’t share excessive information about the latest hedge fund scandal in Wall Street, your audience will not be interested in such contents moreover you will confuse your audience as to what your profile is really about.


2/ Tweet when your audience is online

You can check your followers most active time by using the analysis feature on Followerwonk.


This is will enable you to find the most suitable time to share your content on twitter to increase leads. To identify what are the most active hours of your follower base log in to Followerwonk and select Analyze.

Then type your twitter username and select analyze their followers and click do it. Scroll down the page to view the analytics.


3 / Engage and appreciate

A simple act of appreciation can go along way.

Make sure you ask questions and engage in conversations with your followers. Retweet contents of your audience and appreciate them by giving a like. Make sure you always take the best of any opportunity when you have it.





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