Best Transit Hotel in Negombo

Almost this is the most faced question by budget travellers with limited options close to the airport for an accommodation as most are pricey being closer to the airport! Guest arrivals have peaked in the recent past as a result of peaceful transformation in the island. Most budget travellers risk losing their value for money by negotiating with taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers.

Most travellers have a question as to how much is a reasonable amount to spend for a tuk tuk per kilometer or how much should they pay for a taxi service. This is mainly because they can easily be over charged.

Landing in the middle of the night especially after a very long haul can be extremely exhausting however it’s not exactly the same experience when you land in Bandaranaike International Airport, Sri Lanka. Most budget travellers book an airport taxi cab or hire a tuk tuk to take them to their desired destination.

Hiring a cab is the only choice if you have booked a hotel in Colombo since tuk tuks are not roadworthy on highways and tuk tuks can be used for short distance and minimal luggage to travel a proximate distance.

However if you decide to spend the night in Negombo there are a number of hotels and homestay available as per your choice. If you would like to receive a FREE airport transfer to the hotel the best choice of booking would be Bridge Hotel Negombo.

The owners of the hotel are friendly hosts who are polite and will answer any queries related to your travelling within the island.

As a budget traveller this place will go an extra mile for the money you spend and save as a result of choosing to spend your time here.

There are many options of accommodation available in Negombo but there is limited partners who would offer FREE airport shuttle service.

How far do I have to travel to the hotel

You can find the location of this hotel on Google maps and it’s just 3 km away from the Bandaranaike International Airport. You will be chauffeured from the airport to the hotel in less than 15 minutes and soon you’ll be in bed than most of your counter parts that were in the flight with you who’d be still on their way to their hotel.

How can I book the hotel

The hotel can be found on, Expedia and Agoda. There are more than 100 reviews on If you book a stay using you can pay in Sri Lankan Rupees or any other hard currency.

What’s included to my room rate

As a guest you are subject to receive complimentary tea and coffee also the guests can enjoy a continental breakfast. The rooms are extremely spacious in accordance with 5 star room spaces. Early morning breakfast can also be prepared if requested since most guests have early morning flights.

If you have a very early departure the hosts will also provide you a FREE airport transfer as a complimentary combo package for staying in their hotel.

Why should you book a hotel in Negombo

The Bandaranaike International Airport is situated in Negombo and has a large number of luxury hotels to budget hotels and homestays. The city has a large number of restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines and the city boasts with exemplary nightlife.

Negombo is the most modest city closer to the airport.

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