Visiting Sri Lanka in July 2017

East coast of Sri Lanka has some of the best surf spots, unspoiled beach and historical remains.

Floods subsided, clear skies appear still there is occasional blessing with light showers around the west coast, however you should not put off visiting the island during this month. No matter when you want to come make sure you have mosquito repellents with you to keep you safe from the blood sucking insects.

Although it is pretty much safe to travel the national hospitals still have large incoming traffic for dengue fever. This is mostly in the urban and densely populated regions like Colombo, Kandy and Gampaha.

Where to go this season?

Don’t hesitate pack your bags and go to the east coast with popular tourist destinations like the pigeon island, Nilaveli and Arugambay there is always room to accommodate one more traveler.

You can travel to any of these destinations by simply booking a cab to the east coast. Hassle free travel is the best way to enjoy the island. If you haven’t pre-booked your accommodation check a popular OTA for a hotel.

Plenty of sunshine and surf spots await your arrival in the east coast unlike the crowded west coast there is always a little breather in the east coast. You can also rent your surf boards and other snorkeling gear in one of the renting places near the beach.

Visit the Trincomalee harbour which is one of the finest natural harbours you’ll witness with deep water anchorages. You can also visit the Fort Fredrick in Trinco. A must visit is the Hindu Temple Koneshwaram which also boasts 7 natural hot water springs.

Try visiting the Beach in Uppuveli its a sleepy destination however it may change in another 10 years to a party destination so go there before and lie around in tranquility.

Needless to mention Arugambay right! It’s the surfers paradise keep it in your bucket list!






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