Arrival Information to Sri Lanka

The Airport

There are no 2 airports in Sri Lanka, the only one that has international flight connection is the (International Code CMB ) the Bandaranaike International Airport which is approximately located 22 miles north of Colombo. The opening of the new highway to Colombo reduces the journey time significantly and therefore travellers can reach the city centre and the south seaside resorts.

Transfer from the airport is preferred to be booked through the travel operator or by the accommodation provider. Individual travellers can find licensed taxis waiting outside the Airport or you can pre-book with a taxi operator.


Sri Lankan Airlines

The award winning national flag carrier Sri Lankan Airlines enjoys an excellent reputation as being one of the leading providers with regard to security and service levels. The company maintains an exclusive Airbus fleet A 340, A 320 and A 330 currently serves 62 destinations in 34 countries. It is possible to book, get tickets and check in online through their website.  The domestic airline Cinnamon Air offers daily connection flights between Colombo and the most important destination on the island such as Batticaloa, kandy, Sigiriya, Dickwella. This allows you to get to know the island from a bird’s eye view and also saves significant amount of time.



Citizens of the UK, USA and most other English speaking countries require a passport that has 2 months to run from the end of the visit and has one empty page. Since 2012 visas have had to be applied for via the online ETA system. The visa fee is USD 30 for a stay up to 30 days with double entry. Children under the age of 12 do not have to pay visa fees. Visas can also be obtained by post or in person at the High Commission Visa Counter.

On entering the country visitors have to fill out a form that has to be handed in again upon departure. Visitors also need to produce a valid return flight ticket.

Department of Immigration and Emigration

41, Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha,


Phone 011 532 93 00

Mon- Fri 9am to 3pm



Travelers wishing to stay beyond 30 days will have to renew to extend their stay before the original visa expires. This can only be done at the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo. To apply for a visa extension the form can be downloaded from the department website prior to the appointment. Visitors must bring two passport photos and proof of sufficient funds i.e. valid bank card or traveller’s cheque as well as loads of patience. The process can take more than an hour.




Entry to Sri Lanka

Personal effects are exempt from duty. Visitors above 18 can also bring 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco, 1 litre of wine or spirits, one camera and one video camera and goods worth up to USD250. To avoid misunderstanding please carry your medication in its original packaging. Importing drugs any phonographic material is prohibited. To import of hunting weapons and munitions require a permit. It is not permitted to bring harpoons for underwater hunting into the country.

Foreign Currency

Visitors carrying more than USD 5000 or other foreign currency worth the equivalent amount will have to declare the amount to customs upon arrival. Importing Indian and Pakistani Rupees is prohibited. All unspent Sri Lankan Rupees can be changed back upon departure.


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