Paris Rentals legalized on AirBnB

Throughout the world millions have started renting out their apartments to visitors through popular OTAs and AirBnB a leading online market place and hospitality service platform has given many people across the globe with the opportunity to make an extra income however it’s unsure of the level of service quality delivered.

Recently the French officials have made it a mandatory requirement for the property listed in Paris to be registered with the Paris City Council from December 2017. The move is welcomed with applause by the French Hoteliers as they faced unfair competition to their business establishments.

AirBnB has also been criticized for increasing the property prizes and creating a shortage in housing requirements in Berlin and Paris.

Therefore the Paris officials made it mandatory for such property listings to be registered with the Paris City Council from 1st December 2017. This move is has sent a ripple of waves across to other local bodies across the countries which will enable the officials to monitor inflow of tourists and collection of taxes.

AirBnB also paid 7 million Euros to the French authorities in taxes collected from tourists in the year of 2016


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