Winter Travel to France

Sri Lankans live just above the equator exposed to hot and humid weather conditions year and never would experience snowfall so if you are planning a trip to experience winter wonderland the best place to start is just before everyone starts planning.


December trip to France is an amazing destination to experience a romantic holiday abroad with Christmas Cheer.

Hotel and Flight tickets will be generally be at its cheapest during the winter months with the exception of Christmas time where it can be a little not cheap.


Hotel will generally provide you with a great deal of discount during the year like 3 night for the price of 2 also with greats bargaining deals.

Christmas cheer will be the main reason for travel during these days with lights sparkling throughout the street corners adding a scent to the Christmas cheer. Other than the best known Christmas markets in Lille and Strasbourg there are popular ones even in Paris and all over France. The entire city glows with lights like a fairy tale and don’t forget to drop in at the Walt Disney Paris.


If you have an extensive holiday a plan make sure you spend some time in the ski resorts around France and these are some of the top Ski stations in Europe. More travelers opt to take themselves to the Alps but if you want to avoid the crowds there are many other mountain ranges to consider in France.

One of the must dos in Paris will be dropping into Galeries Lafayette to see the giant Christmas tree with its extensive amounts of gold ornaments.

Top brands offer great deal of discounts between January to February and these are not rejects and they are rather being ushered away to welcome products.


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